Othello As a Tragic Character

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Throughout Shakespeare's play Othello, tragedy is shown in all aspects as the characters progress. It is evident Shakespeare is known for his tragic dramas, Othello being amongst the many written displaying the qualities given to his screenplays. Undoubtably Othello himself shows the most tragic of characteristics compared to others in the play as he dramatically falls from wealth and success, in which he has worked effortlessly to gain, to disaster and misery. Othello is described and categorized through a multitude of the characteristics often seen in a typical Shakespearean tragedy. As the main characteristic of a tragic, the character must represent anxiety, leading to a serious consequence as drastic as death. In Othello, the main character shows a series of downfalls in according to his actions such as his social status, emotional correspondence, and the loss of his beloved wife. Due to the fact Othello murdered his own wife, it yields the consequences as he commits suicide with a small knife. This outcome takes the audience by surprise as a different penance is expected, resulting in peripeteia.The deaths play a key role in the tragedy as we see the weakness of our main character, as he believes he'd rather not live at all, than live without his love, knowing her innocence and suffering through his guilt. These tragic deaths represents Catharsis in Othello as the readers feel pity at the loss of Desdemona. If only Othello had known the truth to begin with, perhaps this unfortunate event would not have occurred. However, readers also feel a sense of anger, as Othello seems to have gotten off easy from any punishment deeming fair at the cost of his endeavors. It is, though, a tragedy, written to create the feeling of affliction of emotions between readers. A characteristic Othello possesses as a tragic, is the feature of Hamartia, the characters fatal
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