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Haley Haggard AP Literature and Composition K. Shimabukuro 18 April 2012 Othello Reader’s Response Othello is a play by William Shakespeare about a general in the Venice’s army whose companion Iago convinces him that Othello’s new wife Desdemona is cheating on him. Othello selects a man named Cassio to be a lieutenant, which angers Iago who wishes that Othello would have selected him for the position. Full of rage, Iago and his friend Roderigo alert Desdemona’s father Brabantio that Othello married Desdemona without his knowledge. Brabantio thinks that Othello used some form of witchcraft to win over Desdemona. Cassio delivers a message to Othello, telling him that the Duke needs to see him. Once Othello arrives, he repeatedly advocates for himself to the Duke, saying that Desdemona willingly entered a relationship with him, and Desdemona confirms that it is the truth. The Duke decided to send Othello to Cyprus, and Desdemona, Iago, Iago’s wife Emilia, Cassio and Roderigo join. Iago devised a fake rumor that Othello had sex with his wife Emilia. Iago decides that he must seek revenge and try to tell Othello that Cassio is having sex with Desdemona. Iago wants the position of lieutenant that Cassio has, so this makes him want to seek revenge. In Cyprus, at a party, Othello decides to fire Cassio because he became extremely drunk and was unable to do his job that night due to his impairment. Cassio begs Desdemona to speak to Othello and attempt to convince him to give him his job back, to which Desdemona agrees to try. Othello sees Cassio walking away from Desdemona and Iago says that it appeared to be suspicious, and Desdemona must be having an affair with Cassio. Emilia takes Desdemona’s handkerchief from Othello and Iago plants the handkerchief in Cassio’s room. Othello’s suspicions increase and he accuses Desdemona of cheating.

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