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Othello Essay

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  • on December 3, 2013
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Othello notes
Sections | Notes |
Introduction |     * |
Iago manipulation |     * |
Othello – trusting Iago |     * The first weakness Othello has is that of the trust he places in his ensign, Iago. As the villain of the play, Iago disguises his immoral, manipulative and degrading persona behind a series of lies, equivocations and statements to woo the valiant Othello, commander of the Venetian fleet. In the first passage in the extract from Act IV, i, we see Iago planting the seeds of jealousy and âpouring this pestilence in his ear? as he alludes to in Act I |
Desdemona – blinded |     * |
Othello – not knowing him and not controlling his emotions |     * Othello is an outsider who is intelligent and confident in military matters but socially insecure. He leads an intense life, swinging between triumph and dread   * Not knowing difference as being a husband and being at war, mixes two together |
Jealousy |     * in this soliloquy, Iago tells the audience of his suspicion that Othello has slept with his wife, Emilia: "And it is thought abroad that `twixt my sheets He has done my office." At this point we start to become more aware of his jealous nature and suspect that it may be based mostly on his paranoid mind. Not only does he believe that Othello has slept with his wife he also believes that Cassio has as well,and with has good looks, his charm and his luck with women also the fact that Cassio got the promotion and not him makes Iago totally jealous of Cassio and this is why he hates Cassio so much.   * |
Conclusion |     * |

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