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Othello essay There are many views of a text as there are responses, Othello, by William Shakespeare gives a unique look into Elizabethan culture with its controversial views on women and its enlightening view on the malevolent mindset expressed through the character of Iago. Othello can be watched through a feminist view, shaped by Shakespeare’s portrayal of the independent female character of Emilia and Desdemona; a controversial feat for an Elizabethan writer. Shakespeare portrayal of the psychoanalytical nature of his malignant character Iago, giving the viewer an unprecedented look into the mind of deception and persuasion. Othello can be viewed as an outsider in Venetian society he wants to be accepted by society and the politics of Venice. Othello follows the story of a moor promoted to general from the Venetian army; the play demonstrates he is an outsider in this world of politics and power. Shakespeare used dramatic techniques to illustrate the suspense and creates drama as the characters near there demise. Shakespeare uses dramatic irony, rich language monologue and soliloquy thought his play. Iago is portrayed as a Janus malignant manipulating character shaping the mind of Othello the moor. “I hate the moor” toward the beginning of the play Iago expresses his abhorrence for Othello foreboding events to come. Shakespeare’s us of this theatrical techniques creates dramatic irony, creating suspense whenever Othello talks with Iago. Iago is represented without a reason to hate Othello making his motiveless malignity undefinable. “Heaven is my judge, not I for love and duty,” Iago himself doesn’t define his evil desire and manipulative nature and give a reason to he’s cruel desires. The elusive nature of Iago’s threats concern the viewer, how can a man be that evil without proper reason. Shakespeare uses soliloquies to give the viewer a front seat look

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