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The main reason behind Othello’s ability to withstand the currents of time is the fact that Shakespeare used universal themes in the play. Whether it is the disastrous outcome of unchecked greed and ambition, an merciless desire for revenge, or the pursuit of love. Shakespeare's representation of human nature is just as real and as relevant today, as it has been through the centuries. Consequently it is no revelation that when these themes become the root of the plot in Othello, the play’s appeal to the masses of individuals remains. Today’s audience still find Othello relevant. It is the capability of a piece of literature to provoke the crowds by the central values and human sentiment of each and every individual that makes it popular. The play Othello has succeeded in achieving that. All of these themes are considered to be universal, as they are all constants in human temperament. Most, if not all humans will experience one or more of these themes in their lifetime. From these themes the responder can gain knowledge of principles of life and have the capacity to reflect upon times when they have experienced those ideas. Among the main themes is racism. Othello, being a black man, he was subjected to various forms of discrimination and hatred by others around him. Iago unreservedly addressed of him in racist, derogatory language such as “old black ram tupping your ewe” to Brabantio, “thick lips” and he describes Othello as a “Barbary horse”. Perhaps the most momentous and saddest aspect of this racism, however, is that of Othello himself. What Iago does is ingeniously plays on Othello's own insecurities. Othello can consider Iago’s stories because deep down he himself doubts Desdemona’s love and loyalty, Othello realistically believes that he’s not really good enough for her because he’s black and she’s white. He feels inferior and insecure. While racism may not

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