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Othello’s Decline – H’work Question: How is Othello’s decline revealed through these speeches. Include references to Othello’s character and his relationships with others and quote closely from the speeches to support your view. (Speeches: Act 1 Scene 3, Act 3 Scene 3, Act 5 Scene 1) Answer: These speeches from Act One Scene Three, Act Three Scene Three and Act Five Scene One reveal the decline of Othello by exposing the emotions and ideas that have become prominent in his way of thinking after being changed by Iago’s manipulation. The first speech is where Othello defends his love of Desdemona after being accused of stealing her from her father. The simplistic and eloquent language which he uses highlights the love and deep passion that he feels for Desdemona while still being one of the most plain-speaking and sensible characters in the Act eg: “It is most true; true that I have married her”. He also stands up for their love and innocence in the face of being accused of kidnapping revealing his noble nature which will not run away from challenges or difficulties. He reveals how he wooed Desdemona with words and few action and “She’d come again, and with a greedy ear”. This is showing his gentle nature and how he did not force her to marry him and in fact he is innocent of the accused kidnapping. The honesty with which Othello answers the senate’s questions about his relationship between him and Desdemona show that he strongly believes in honesty. Not many men would admit to being “pitiful” as he did in front of his noble peers. Although he had a strong love for Desdemona which he strongly defended, he was ready to rush away and leave her while he protected Cyrpus which highlights the strong belief in loyalty to the state, a loyalty stronger than the newlywed’s love for each other. He merely craved “fit disposition for my wife”. He was ready

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