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Othello Major Assignment Your honour and ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I stand before you today to condemn the actions of the defendant, Othello. The fate of Othello is now in your hands regarding the charge of first degree murder. I truly believe that Othello is guilty of the charge. The evidence is endless and proves that Othello not only strangled his wife, Desdemona, but planned the whole event. First of all, Othello was quoted threatening Desdemona, saying, “I will chop her into messes!” I think he is no more than a cold killer. The evidence is straight forward and can be easily seen. Othello, in a jealous rage murdered his wife while she lay in her bed. I once knew Othello as an adventurous, caring man but now I only see the jealous, unspeakable killer we see in this courtroom. I don’t understand how a man of such greatness becomes such a monster? Desdemona was a wonderful woman, who gave her all to Othello. She left her family and everything they gave her, to be with Othello. She disobeyed her father and he essentially disowned her for leaving with Othello. From the start, Desdemona confessed her love for Othello to everyone. She would have done anything for him, even follow him to war. She said, and I quote, “That I did love the Moor to live with him, my downright violence, and storm of fortunes, May trumpet to the world”. She loved him with her whole heart. Why would a man kill a woman who loves him so? According to the defence, Othello was manipulated. I don’t see how this could be. A general of the state, a man respected by all...manipulated? Even if he WAS manipulated, he still committed the murder of his wife. I don’t see why Iago, his devoted officer, would manipulate him in the first place. Iago would have no reason to do that to Othello. Othello apparently says that Iago had a developed plan. Othello said that Iago lied to him and made

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