Othello Essay

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The search for identity is one of the most difficult and complex journeys that an individual may embark on within their life. It is this journey that involves relationships which can challenge or strengthen an individual’s search for identity, a notion that is seen in the given statement. The term “Identity” itself can be perceived in many different ways, most commonly linked to the traits that are passed down paternally or from the physical appearances that an individual may choose to carry. Furthermore, it is often within this journey that the relationships formed between an individual and others, such as family or loved ones, that can potentially lead to the development or hindrance within the search for identity. This ideology is explored within Steven Herrick's verse novel “Lonesome Howl” (2006) as well as Evie Harts’ biographical recount “The Bringing them Home Report” (2004). Within these texts, the audience is exposed to a variety of concepts relating to the influence of relationships on ones search for identity. Both Herrick and Hart communicate the ideology on how an individual’s relationships with their family members can act as obstacles and restrain both mental and emotional growth. Similarly, the past experiences an individual shares with others, such as family and loved ones, can often change their self perceptions and character, while the intimate relationships that are shared with a soul mate can often reform and open ones sense of identity. Herrick effectively conveys these concepts through his dual narration and characterisation of the two teenage protagonists, Lucy Harding and Jake Jackson, whereby both characters are constantly challenged by family values. This consequently leads to a life-changing journey whereby both Lucy and Jake explore their personal relationship and develop a true meaning of self-identity. Similarly, Harts account

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