Oswego Tea Monologue

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Fuchsia, dark eyes, are sold and eaten by customers of Nancy Baker the Flower Lady. Nancy grows and ships edible flowers worldwide. Need edible flower call Nancy: (616) 674-3879. Wild carrot, Queen Anne's Lace, Daucus carota L.; Apiaceae is widely available. We use the florets in salads to get a healthy dose of bioflavonoids to improve distal circulation to brain, extremities and improve heart function. Sleepy time tea, Chamomile. Is it a wife's tail that people with rag weed allergies will get an allergic reaction. Let us know if you have a ragweed allergy and also get an allergic reaction from chamomile tea. I have asked that question of over a thousand of my students. Perhaps 40 had ragweed allergic reactions but not one of those allergic to ragweed who used chamomile had any problem. Beebalm,…show more content…
may be steeped in hot water to make Oswego Tea. This is a strong tasting member of the mint family. Flavor like oregano. Used as a carminative, abortifacient, cold remedy, sedative, analgesic, hemostat, for coughs, emetic, to induce sweating, treat the flu, a stimulant, pulmonary aid, relieve congestion and diaphoretic byNative Americans. Edible flower, best used as a tea. Essential oils in beebalm tea may provide protection from mountain sickness

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