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College Essay Oswego state university of New York The reason I have chosen this college in particular is because all my life I a have loved animals. I’ve always wanted to get into the field with animals. My two majors would be psychology and zoology, I also love how the mind works and how animal behaviors effect their lives. This college offers these two classes (courses). The resident life at SUNY Oswego is a very vibrant community experience, the College offers 13 residence halls housing 4,300 this being a rural campus. Getting into this school is very; the undergraduate enrollment is 7,300 as the SAT scores would need to be in a range from 1050-1200. You would need a GPA of 87-93, there is a early admission. The highest degree…show more content…
The books and supplies come up to $800 dollars and campus room and on campus room and board totals to $11,610. The school offers financial aid, students receiving aid is at 90%, Institutional aid is 42%, $2,350 on average. Good thing about this school is there no regular application dead line. The girl percentage of this school is 52% having the guys at 48%. Now Greek life has had 48% of all U.S presidents (did you know) Greek life is offered to all who want to live it. Buffalo State University The reason I have chose this school is because this has a respected history and offers 80 majors which can guide me to greatness. The two courses I have chosen as majors are Psychology and health. Buffalo State which is located in New York State Buffalo. The residential life at the University is interesting as the school is surrounded by trendy cafés, Museums, restaurants, shops, parks and Victorian styled housing. This making the life their vibrant and alive, the campus offers safety and security services like 24-hour foot and vehicle patrols, late night transport/ escort service, 24-hour emergency telephones. Buffalo State has a 9,788 undergraduate Enrollment as well as having a range from 950-1110. The GPA needed to get in is 84-90 and the school has early

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