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Bad News Osprey Diary Gilllewis.com I have just returned from a week away to an email from Roy Dennis to say that it seems something happened to Ozwald around the 23rd March. Roy's message copied and pasted below; Ozwald was in his usual wintering area from March 12th to 21st. On 21st at 1000GMT he was flying south at 36km/hr at 110 meters altitude and two hours later was tracking down the Atlantic coast at 38km/hr at 190 meters altitude. He stopped about 7 kms south of Morven's wintering area and was on the coast between 1300 and 1600 hours, before moving a few kms inland to roost overnight in the desert. Next morning 22nd, he was perched about 7 kms inland at 0700-0900GMT. The next signals were at 2300 hrs on 23rd March when Ozwald was 38.5 kms back north and 650 meters inland in the sand dunes. Next day his signals were from exactly the same spot at 0700-0900hrs and 1600-1800hrs. The place seemed to have been a dune with a few sparse bushes. Checking the data shows that transmission occurred on 25th March, which gave the previous data, but the activity meter showed no movement at 1013, 1111 and 1512 GMT. No further signals have been received. I am afraid it looks as though Ozwald is dead - how is impossible to say especially as there was a big gap between received GPS data on 22nd and 23rd - may be he was killed by a jackal at night while roosting in the desert. No further signals have been received - I have been waiting just in case. Very sad to lose him after his earlier exploits when I thought he might die in Scotland. Sorry to be a bringer of bad news - but being a young osprey is difficult. It is very sad and such a shame, especially after his successful migration and settled wintering site. There is a small window of hope that maybe there has been transmitter failure or maybe the transmitter has fallen off. We would only know if this is

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