Osmosis And Diffusion

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Intro. 1.1- (1)Diffusion- Is the movement of atoms/ molecules in a random fashion, moving from a high concentration of water to a low concentration of water. Osmosis- Is simply the diffusion of water molecules from a high concentration of water to a low concentration of water through a semi-permeable membrane. : Process of Osmosis and diffusion. 1.2- Important factors affecting osmosis and diffusion would be how concentrated the solution or solute is, the temperature that the environment or the solution is. What your using and also how large the particle is. 1.3- Aim: The aim of the experiment is to document a rhubarb cell under a microscope, using different concentrations of salt-water solution to determine how much the cell decreases in size, volume and shape and to record the difference in cell reduction. (2) 1.4- Hypothesis: This experiment we expect that the rhubarb cells will drastically shrink with the higher concentrations of salt-water solutions. 1.5- Before starting this experiment we didn’t know how drastically the rhubarb cell would shrink, or if this experiment would actually be a success. We learnt that Osmosis and Diffusion played a very important part to our experiment and we could also document at just how much the salt water concentrations affected the cells. 2. Experimental Method and Design. 2.1 Equipment: • 3x 100ml Beakers. • 1x 100ml Measuring Cylinder. • Microscopic Slides. • Cover slides. • Stirring Rod. • 1 x Microscope. • I stem of rhubarb. • A camera on the Microscope. • Projector. • Screen. • Scales. • 1g of Salt • 5g of Salt • 10g of Salt. • Cutting board. • Knife. • Pipettes. • Tweezers. • Camera to take photo or phone. 2. 2 Method. 1- Got all of the equipment out on the bench. 2- Set up the microscope with the camera attached, and also set up the projector and set

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