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Diffusion and Osmosis Lab Jamie Ziglar 10/17/13 Abstract The mechanics of diffusion and osmosis were observed by filling a semi-permeable dialysis bag with a concentration of sucrose solution and then settling it in distilled water for 35 minutes and then 1 hour 22 minutes . By measuring the mass of dialysis bag before and after the 35 minutes and 1hour 22 minutes period, the movement of water molecules and how equilibrium was reached could be observed. After the experiment, the mass of the dialysis bag was taken. According to the weight, the dialysis bag increased in weight, meaning that water entered the bag. Introduction & Hypothesis The main purpose of this lab was to learn about how diffusion and osmosis works by using dialysis tubing and a sucrose concentration and calculating percent change of the mass gained. Because of kinetic energy, cells tend to bump into each other, resulting in the process of diffusion. Diffusion is when molecules move from a place of higher concentration to a place of lower concentration. Osmosis is a type of diffusion. This occurs when water moves through a semi-permeable membrane from a place of higher water potential to a place of lower water potential or from a place of high free energy to a place of low free energy. Water potential simply measures the free energy of water in any solution. Water potential has 2 parts to it: Osmotic Potential and Pressure potential. Osmotic potential pertains to the solute concentration while pressure potential pertains to the exertion of pressure, whether positive or negative. It is essential to remember that the water potential of distilled water in atmospheric pressure is 0 because the osmotic and pressure potentials are 0. In plant cells, the osmotic potential is lowered due to more of its solute being dissolved in the cytoplasm. Therefore, when placed in pure water,

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