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Occupational Safety and Health Administration Azinna Kimball HCS/430 February 6, 2012 Norman Greene Occupational Safety and Health Administration Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is an agency in the United States Department of Labor. Many of the health care facilities were acquiring health and safety issues that led to the creation of OSHA. OSHA main mission is to ensure employees and employers reduce the job injuries, illnesses, death, drug exposure, blood borne pathogens, and safety. Enforcing OSHA regulations followed throughout health care facilities protects American workers. Every employee, employer or member who works should understand what OSHA is about. History of Agency The history of OSHA dates back into the 19th century. The act was signed into law December 29, 1970 by President Richard M. Nixon (Reflections on osha, 2009). OSHA main role is assuming safe and healthy working conditions for the men and woman exposed to any type of issues that could affect his or her safety or health. The OSH Act became effective April 28, 1971 (Reflections on osha, 2009). It was estimated that in 1970 around 14,000 workers were killed on- the-job (Shach, 2011, para. 4). OSHA has lowered the number in people killed because of their safety and regulations. OSHA covers all employees and their employers in the 50 states and territories and jurisdictions under federal authority (What does OSHA do? para. 2). OSHA began the start up phase in the most dangerous and unhealthful workplaces and industries. Promoting new programs and providing education to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for the workforce. The first five industries were marine cargo handling, roofing, and sheet metal work, meat and meat products, miscellaneous transportation equipment, and lumber and wood products (Reflections on osha, 2009). This indeed led to many more

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