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Ossessione Film Analysis By shannel cooper Fine arts 104 sub This paper is designed to give a brief analysis about the film “Ossessione” directed by Luchino Visconti in 1942. The film is about the evil conspiracy set forth by a wife of a local saloon/fuel station owner who sets out to start a life with a drifter she fell in love with. Watching this film we experience the dark and despicable side of an unhappy wife who believes her life has been undervalued, just one of the motives that lead to the planning and plotting of her husbands death. The film starts out with a drifter (Gino) riding in the back of a truck who gets discovered when the driver stops for fuel. As a result of these actions he is thrown from the back of the truck and wonders inside of fuel station where he meets one of the most beautiful women (Giovanna) he has every laid eyes upon in the kitchen cooking. As they intermingle with each other they both do some suttle flirting with each other until her husband (Bragana) comes in and throws him out of his establishment. As we fast forward a little an awkward friendship appears to be formed between the husband and Gino because he turns out to be a handyman that’s mechanically inclined. As Bragana starts to explore his singing career he does a lot of traveling and he eventually runs back into Gino at a performance. This leads to the reunion of the three friends as they celebrate the success of Bragana singing career, at the same time Giovanna and Gino get more acquainted and quickly start to reminisce and hang out. It’s not long before Gino and Giovanna come up with a plan to murder her husband so they can be together. We watch the two conspire and review the details before we witness a fade out scene where we witness the vehicle driving off into the darkness then it cuts to a very brutal and dramatic scene where we learn that Bragana

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