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This commentary will provide a critical analyse of the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) scenario within the Simulation Centre. It will include a self-evaluation of my performance, the feedback from my lecturer and peers; and give a summary of the learning achieved. Implications for future development will also be identified. (see appendix 1 for OSCE scenario). I prepared for the simulation exercise in my spare time with my colleague and a member of the simulation team. We went through how to document care effectively and discussed the inherent trends within the observations that suggest that the body is trying to compensate for an underlying problem. We also practised taking each other’s observations/vital signs whilst simultaneously sharing helpful tips that we had gained during clinical practice. On the day of the assessment I arrived wearing my uniform that had been provided by the university along with my student ID, name badge and flat black shoes considered appropriate for nursing. I also removed all jewellery apart from my fob watch, securely tied my hair back off my face and ensured my finger nails were clean and short in length. As students it is important we understand that it is important to wear our uniform correctly not only for infection control (National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) 2001) and identification, but to uphold the reputation of the university and the Trust we are working in. Before commencing the assessment our initial approach included ensuring safety such as hand washing, to minimize the risk of cross infection and ensured the environment around the patient was safe. As Minah had been vomiting and had diarrhoea we put a pair of latex gloves and a disposable plastic apron because there was a strong possibility that we would come into contact with body fluids. We also talked to Minah and her parents,

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