Osama Movie Review

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The film “Osama” gives us a view of what life is for ordinary people, especially for women during the ruling of Taliban in Afghanistan. The movie forces viewers to understand the life of these people and how politics affects each individual in the society. As we study gender and communication, the movie provides us with a perspective on how woman are oppressed in this culture. In modern society, like America, gender is personal and it may or may not express someone’s sexuality, for example people are given choices to dress in ways that may or may not go accordantly with society’s expectations, they can also choose a life partner, socialize, interact with the opposite sex, work and so for. However in societies that religiously-oriented, like in the film, one gender dominates (male) while the other is oppressed (female). For example, Afghan women are not allowed to work, or to go out without the presence of a male. They find support within each other and within their family. This is a society, where women are forced to conceal their gender in order to survive. The film is about young girl whose mother wishes she were a boy so that she will help the family. She does in fact was dressed like a boy a night while she was sleeping as her grandmother said that “the sufferings of men and women were equal because the sexes themselves are equal” and also saying that “ a girl with short hair, looks like a boy” which lead her to conclude that they may be also interchangeable, and that the idea can help the family from dying of starvation (Scott, 2004). Between 1979 and 1989, as a part of the American Cold War, millions of Afghan left the country to Pakistan, Iran or other neighborhood countries. As the fighting continued in Afghanistan among the various groups, the Taliban gain control of a large percentage of Afghanistan (“Osama”, 2009). According to Wood (2013),
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