Osama Bin Laden: What, It's Our Fault Too?

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What, it’s Our Fault Too? Most would agree that Osama bin Laden holds great responsibility for the execution of the September 11th attacks on the United States of America and that he deserves punishment for his crimes against humanity. In the attacks, he simultaneously slaughtered thousands of innocent people and caused the mental and emotional anguish of millions. Though Americans are quick to become defensive at the mention of the attacks, it is essential that we as Americans know why bin Laden and millions of others around the globe have come to hate our country. The question of today is “why are so many willing to risk or even sacrifice their lives to get at us?” (How Israeli Terr. 4). Most Americans tend to believe that the motivation…show more content…
21). He is responsible for the deaths of over 2500 Palestinian refugees including not just men, but also women and children of all ages. These refugees were supposed to be under the protection of the United States’ government (How Israeli Terr. 21). George W. Bush not only went against his promise to these people, leaving them to die at the hands of their captors, but also greeted Prime Minister Sharon with a firm hand shake and gentle hug upon their meeting (How Israeli Terr. 27). If the United States government is truly serious about punishing nations that support and harbor terrorists, then they best soon devise a punishment for the bloodthirsty Israeli nation. However, the American Government does not have any plan to attack Israel. Instead, we allow the Israeli population in our own country to keep growing. Who can say that these people do not have links with the Prime Minister of Israel himself? One fifth of the world’s population practices the Muslim religion (Miller 11). We supply billions of dollars for Israelis to purchase the very weapons and ammunition that they use to terrorize the Palestinians. Imagine if all of the Israelis in the world came under Sharon’s rule and they terrorized the countries in which they live. If Prime Minister Sharon supplied these Israelis with the very weapons that the United States funded for his…show more content…
84). In other words, Israel plotted a terrorist attack against us, its ally. Israel sent unmarked fighters to destroy the USS Liberty and then destroyed it completely using torpedo boats (How Israeli Terr. 84). To cover up their treacherous actions, they riddled the remaining life boats with bullets so that news of their treachery would not reach their American “friends”. Could this have been just a matter of miscommunication between the United States and Israel? Absolutely not. All naval ships are required to have identification numbers written in large characters on their hulls to identify its origin and the USS Liberty was flying an unmistakably large American flag at the time of the attack. Thirty-four Americans lost their lives and one hundred and seventy-one were wounded in the attacks on the USS Liberty (How Israeli Terr. 84). The Israelis intended to deceive America into thinking that the Egyptians were responsible for the attack and they would have succeeded had not the captain and crew of the USS Liberty shown such strength and courage (How Israeli Terr. 84). The captain and crew were able to keep the ship afloat long enough to contact the Sixth Fleet and tell them that it was in fact Israel and not Egypt that had attacked them (How Israeli Terr. 85). Why

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