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Death of Osama bin Laden: Effect on Al Qaeda Student’s name University Affiliation Death of Osama bin Laden: Effect on Al-Qaeda Osama bin Laden was the face of international terrorism; the leader of Islamist militant group al-Qaeda and wanted man by the U.S for ten years since the 9/11/01 terror attack. He was killed on May, 2011 by the U.S forces in Pakistan during their counterterrorism efforts. Osama was an inspirational leader and active participant in setting direction for strategy and operations of Global Jihadi networks (Al-Qaeda and its affiliates).The Al-Qaeda being the epicenter of global Jihadi networks encouraged the concept of violence and terrorism to promote what they believe is the global caliphate state whose…show more content…
The death of Osama bin laden was predicted to have a negative effect on functioning of Al-Qaeda group as they lost their head and would undergo structural changes. (John Rollins, 2011).The first problem was the friction in the succession process; the Al-Qaeda needed to get a leader with charisma equal to Osama’s to lead them. Thou not as inspiring and loved like Osama, Ayman-al-Zawahiri was chosen (Col.John Maraia 2012) He had problems finding a deputy; this limited Al-Qaeda effectiveness and potentially exposed them to counter terrorism efforts. Zawahiri had to build his own image, strive and earn loyalty and trust from heads of Jihadi groups so as to construct connections between Al-Qaeda and its affiliated organizations and networks. He has to learn how to motivate the homegrown terrorists and how to recruit more members into the Al-Qaeda’s military. He faces trouble paying for the training of its military and providing funding for the families and this might cause the falling Muslim support over years. (Colonel…show more content…
Operationally, al-Qaeda is not dead; it still poses threats to the world. There are efforts to build resilience of the group; those who committed violence yesterday remain committed to violence today. Bin Laden put a movement in motion which does not require his day to day input. References Assaf Moghadam, Boaz Ganor, Col. Eitan Azani, Col.Joanathan Fighel, Ely Karmon (May 2011) Interviews With International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) ,Special Report: The Death of Osama bin Laden,/ U.S John Rollins (May 2011), Osama bin Laden’s Death: Implications and Considerations Congressional Research Service 6-10 www.crs.gov R41809. Daniel Scheschkewitz (May 2012) Terrorism: Al Qaeda Still Suffers from Bin Laden’s Death. http://dw.de/p/14nzc Colonel John Maraia (2011) United States Institute of Peace; Impact of Osama bin Laden Death on Al-Qaeda and U.S Counter-Terrorism Activities CNN staff (2013) CNN international Edition, Bin Laden’s Death: How the Story Unfolded. Klein, Aaron (may 2,2011)’ Al-Qaeda Warns U.S Of Big Revenge Over Osama Death- Jihadist Leader Says Cells Worldwide Set to Launch Attacks on Americans’ World Net Daily retrieved Aug 13,2011 Mathew Allan Hill (2011) Democracy Promotion and Conflict Based Reconstruction. The Wall Street Journal P

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