Orwells Essay Compare And Contrast

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Orwell’s Essay In George Orwell’s essay “Shooting an Elephant”, he dealt with the evils of imperialism. He was an English man that was a police officer in Burmna, who was hated for his race and felt it impossible to perform his job. He had dealt with a lot of hatred and disrespect, yet he was expected to do what the town’s people asked of him when they asked. Orwell wanted to demonstrate the effect of someone who assumes power and how the powerful are also captive to the will of the people they dominate. He went through the trial and error process of making the right decisions while still trying to maintain an image and position of authority. Orwell’s moral values are challenged in different ways, ironically enough while he too was a tormentor. He was faced with an important decision when an elephant gets loose in the village. If he shot the elephant he would be a hero to the natives. If he decides to let the elephant go free and unharmed, he would be giving in to the imperial force behind the elephant which he finds so unfair and evil. In Orwell’s essay the elephant represented the falling of imperialism and the native’s pressure on his morals, forced him to struggle with his identity. The elephant and the British officer help prove that imperialism is a double-edge sword. Orwell took part in imperialism by proving that his power and dignity to the natives presented imperialism, he used the elephant as a symbol of imperialism, representing power of a wild animal that has control over the village. In doing so, he leads to the understanding that the power behind imperialism is only as strong as its rulers. Orwell showed that the elephant signified imperialism because it was big and had control of the village the same as the British. The elephant killed a collie just like the British they did not care what they did to the people. Therefore, the slow
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