Orwell And Columbus Essay

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In the two readings, Journal of the First Voyage to America and Shooting an Elephant, the authors, Christopher Columbus and George Orwell, had two very different views of the inhabitants of the locations they were in with Columbus being in San Salvador and Orwell being in Burma. The cause of the different views could be that where Orwell was he had been living with them and had to deal with all of their insults and criticisms because he was a British policemen who was there to enforce all of the rules established by Britain in the area and this caused many people to fear and despise him because of his job. But, in the location where Columbus was he was just visiting the land and was there to befriend the peoples so that they would have good relations for trade in the future because he was confused as to where he thought he was he thought he was in a Southeast Asian island and he wanted to get the gold and spices Marco Polo had talked about and written about. Columbus has written down all of what he saw and experienced so that the queen of Spain could see what was happening there and what he saw, so this whole thing may be stretched you don’t know if he was just saying and acting like he was polite and friendly to the natives or if he was just saying this so the queen was happy that he was making progress with the natives for future trading. Whereas Orwell was writing just to show his experiences for what was going on with the Burmese peoples and how it affected him and to show how the Burmese people affected him and caused him to shoot the elephant. This shows that the two writers had two very different views of the inhabitants of the regions they were living in or visiting and how the inhabitants affected them and what they did through this

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