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In “Politics and the English Language” Orwell appeals to the people’s reasoning through the use of an analogy which shows cause and effect, the invention of images, and how restatement clarifies the true meaning in order to actively invigorate the public and open their eyes to the fact that the modern English language deadens the active thoughts of the public. George Orwell, himself, was already exposed to the dangers of orthodoxy through his experiences in Burma, knowing what fascism is firsthand. Thus, Orwell clearly sees that the reason that writing has lost its meaning is due to political and economical issues. Orwell’s fears and obsessions take over as he courageously directs one to look at their responsibility by questioning and thinking for themselves. “A man may take to drink because he feels himself to be a failure, and then fail all the more completely because he drinks. (par. 2) Orwell’s analogy showcases the cause and effect of alcohol abuse to the dissolution of language. This analogy is what Orwell describes to be happening to the English language as our thoughts affect our writing and inversely our writing affects our thoughts. It shows a chain reaction, as one starts to drink to fight a problem off, yet the alcohol ends up lead them into more difficult problems. Moreover, it demonstrates that when a writer, professor, or anyone at all are insecure about their writing, they revert to bad, overused techniques that hinder their piece instead of making it better. Poor writing contributes to unoriginal thinking, which includes “staleness of imagery” and “lack of precision” that leads to commonly used words and long phrases that seem to mean nothing. (par. 9) The problem that keeps declining the quality of the English language is not because of the influence of one writer or another but in the devious way that “an effect becomes a cause,

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