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Often key ideas and central issues continue to resonate throughout time and transcend context, and it is this motivation and an author’s desire to reflect and illuminate social discontent to greater society that creates these texts of value. George Orwell is one such essayist whose work comment upon and criticize the status of language and political values in this post world wars European context. His works – “Notes on Nationalism” 1945 and “Why I Write” 1946 draw upon his discontent with degradation of non-political English literature and opaqueness of political terms through the English language. Consequently critical studies of these texts helps us understand Orwell’s concerns with his own society but assists us in identifying the same key social issues in our own and as such stays ever- relevant and valuable. In Notes on Nationalism, Orwell purposefully sets out to criticize nationalism as a competitive pursuit that discriminates individuals and promotes intolerance. This is particularly salient as Orwell himself resided and participated in a period of warfare and bloodshed and witnessed firsthand the power of political motivation to drive individuals into opposing each other. Orwell deliberately inferences the potency of his convictions and argument through his undermining depiction of nationalism to be individuals classifying each other”like insects” and “confidently label[ing]”, “that whole blocks of millions or tens of millions of people” to be merely ‘good’ or ‘bad’, the high modality, degrading imagery and hyperbolic tone asserting such blind political ideologies only separates people and creates prejudice. Orwell then chooses to further undermine this political practice as” purely negative.”, his utilization of anecdote in” There are, for example, Trotskyists who have become simply enemies of the U.S.S.R. without developing a corresponding loyalty to any

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