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Judaism is a religion based of Jewish people, the chosen ones. Judaism is based many different principales and ethics that come from the Hebrew Bible. But Judaism is not as simple as it seems. There are multiple branches of Judaism which include; ultra-orthodox, orthadox, conservative, reform, reconstructionist, humanistic, and Flexidox. All these branches have many similarities and differences. In this essay I will be discussing the similarities and differences between Orthodox Judaisim and Reform Judaism. Othodox Judaism contains jews who believe that God gave Moses the Torah which included 613 commandments. People who follow Othodox Judaism follow the strict laws and ethics writeen in the Gaonim, Rishonim, and Achoronim. There are many beliefs in Orthodox Judaim such as the main belief that the Torah included written law and also Oral Torah, which was given to Moses from God and can in no way be altered. Another many belief is God has made an unbreakable covenant with the children of Israel to follow the Torah. They believe in "Jewish eschatology" which includes a Jewish Messiah and a rebuilt temple, and resurrection of the dead. There is also the belief in the thirteen principles of faith as listed in the "rambam," and believing in Rabbis as interprweters and judges of the Jewish laws. Orthodox Judaism does not have only one movement, instead it has multiple movements which surround its main principles. The movements are quite similar to one another in the sense of their beliefs and their commitment to the both written and Oral Torah. Jews who believe in the Orthodox branch believe that the "Torah is from Heaven." The way in which they differ is in the way they approach modern culture and Israel. Orthodox Judaism is a recent term, it was created to show the differenced between the various jewish movements. Reformed Judaism is quite different. They believe

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