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58 Job Shadow Since I’ve been very young I have thought orthodontics was way interesting and looked way fun, and at the end of the day you know you’ve helped patients with their mouth or teeth. The day of the job shadow started off with getting to know all of the assistance and getting a feel for the work space. Then I met Doctor Simister who is the orthodontist of the building and talked to him a bit while he showed me some new things. I am very glad I got to have this experience because it has taught me a lot about this job. I learned so many things during this experience like the schooling you have to go through to get the job. You have to go to four years of undergrad school, four years of dental school, and then three years of orthodontics school at the end. And to get into the dental schools and orthodontics schools, you have to have some serious good grades because it’s way competitive to get in. The assistants there gave me many opportunities to do some fun things. They let me make the molds for the retainers and put some bands on a lot of the patients. While I was watching and taking notes I noticed things that the assistants would do and what the doctor would do. Some of these things are reminding the kids to not only brush their teeth two to three times a day but to floss. And they made sure that after they looked at a patient they cleaned up their area which included the chair which the patient sat in, the table where all their tools were and they made sure they changed rubber gloves every time there was a new patient. They tools that they used would then go into a special washer which cleaned them for the next use. When there was some slow times and talked to Doctor Simister and asked him a few question. I asked him, what is the best part of your job? And Doctor Simister answered “just looking at the finish product of the patients smile and just

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