Orpheus vs Pythagoras

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Religion is a national phenomenon that allows individuals to worship any person or god as well as allows anyone to believe whatever they want, in regards to what happens to their soul after death. Religion is as predominate now, just as it was thousands of years ago. Another predominate characteristic of religion which was also true thousands of years ago as well as now, is the mimicking or copying of similar beliefs and traditions from certain schools of religion to another. When it comes to Pythagorism and Orphism this is no exception, Orphism copied certain ideologies from the origins of Pythagorism and changed them mildly. Thus between Orphism and Pythagorism, Pythagorism is the best religion because; it was more professional and scientific, Pythagoras founded its ideologies years before Orpheus, and Orphism copied many of the same beliefs and rules but just changed them slightly. The similarities between Orpheus’s way to heaven and Pythagoras are surprisingly very close. Both had an abundant of similar believes and religious guidelines, in which their followers and initiates obeyed by. The beliefs of Pythagorism and Orphism are noticeable similar in many regards, but the way in which these two religions carried out actions in the general public and society, as well as the foundation of their fundamental basis are completely different. Pythagorism appeared to be more credible and professional in most aspects politically and scientifically than the similar religious group, Orphism. Pythagorism had a respectable and credible background and philosophy, while Orphism had of a more fantasy and free lanced philosophy. Pythagoras’s first intensions were that of science and order; Pythagorism believed in answering to the state and being mindful of the law, while Orphism believed in more personal gain. Pythagorism believed in strong mathematical reliability and
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