Orion System (a) Essay

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ORION System (A) 1. What recommendations would you make to Rosas about organizing the Jaguar project, and why? After reading the case I have several ideas going into my mind. I think that the organization needs to adopt a strong matrix structure. By adopting a strong matrix structure, the project manager will have a border control and the functional department will execute as subcontractors. As a result, the efficiency would increase and the project deadline could be met. There should be a strong project focus within the group, so flexibility would increase. They should also establish task driven culture. According to the assessment, there was concern with project ownership. If teams are brought together earlier, with an identified time commitment that would help towards engagement of members. Also if a communication plan were in place then even members that are not involved with the project on a full-time basis would be able to stay in touch with the progress so that when they are brought back into the plan, the catch up time would not be as great. For a company to succeed they need to establish strong equality in the work place. Team emphasis is high and team member are treated equally and respected since they require assistance from each other. There should be some performance bas reward to the employees that perform a well. Finally, they should develop critical risk management programs, evaluate portfolio of projects within the organization, and audit current projects and completed projects. 2. How would you change the organizational chart and master plan to reflect these changes? I would recommend that Rosas incorporate ways to address the concerns found in the assessment. I would include the Production Manager, Integrated Logistical Support Manager and the Quality Assurance manager on the front tier of the organizational chart. With each team leader (TM)

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