Orion Shield Project

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| Orion Shield Project | | [Author name] 11-5-2013 Executive Summary | The Orion Shield case presented several situations for an inexperienced project manager and showcased appropriate and inappropriate actions with associated results for the production of a material used for an orbiter’s launch booster rocket. In the end, SEC produced a successful product but the challenges that occurred throughout the project for the project manager could have been a disaster and ultimately resulted in him being relieved of his responsibilities as PM. There were contractual, ethical, communications, technical, legal, structural, and training issues that impacted the performance of the project, being over budget, relationship strains, and a lack of trust by the customer. Solutions are recommended to minimize the reoccurrence of these issues in future projects, such as strategic planning, frequent meetings throughout the project, use of project management software, and progress reporting to the customer. Lastly, the project manager’s performance is critiqued and comments made on how he could improve as a project manager. Introduction Introduction This paper will examine the challenges that Gary Allison faced as the project manager in the Orion Shield Project. There were many issues such as contractual, ethical, communication, technical, legal, structural, and training that played a role in the struggles of the project. The project was to improve NASA’s launch rocket booster’s structure. The paper discusses the situations Gary faced as project manager for phase one of the Orion Shield project. Project Analysis The decision on who will be the project manager will determine the direction a project follows. If the wrong person is selected, then the tome is set for the events to follow. Gary was very comfortable and confident with his work as a project

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