Origins Of The Russian Revolution

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DBQ Origins of the Russian Revolution -What were significant political, economic, and ideological principles that contribute to the Russian Revolution? There were many factors that contributed to the Russian Revolution. Some of these factors were political, others were economically, and others were ideological principles. It changed the history of Russia and affected the world, as well. A political factor that caused the Russian Revolution was absolutism. As stated in Document 2, absolutism caused strikes, illegal proclamations, underground circles, etc. Document 4 shows the numerous strikes that took place before the Russian Revolution, due to the Bolsheviks’ point of view toward absolutism. Document 3 was stated by a delegate at Samara who talked about absolutism. He believed that the people should own the land. He states that he believes that the people deserve land because it’s a freedom. Document 7 also shows political causes of the Russian Revolution. Lenin created laws that were fair and better for Russia. Document 10 explains an economic factor that contributed to the Russian Revolution. Russia, at the time, was not economically ready for the World War I. But, because they were forced to fight by Tsar Nikolas II, which made Russia weak. In Document 9, Miliukov accuses the government for causing the Revolution because of treason. He describes the government as disorganized. There were many ideological principles that contributed to the Russian Revolution. These ideas were based on the theories of Karl Marx. These ideas were also based on socialism, as mentioned in Document 1. In Document 7, Lenin’s laws also show ideological principles that contributed to the Russian Revolution. These laws were based on ideas on Karl Marx. Document 6 states that there was discrimination of Jews in Russia. In conclusion, the political, economical, and ideological
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