Origins of the Bill of Rights Essay

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Origins of the Bill of Rights | By: Leonard W.Levy | Nelson Fernandez3/11/15Per.6 | In today’s world of devious politics & manipulative politicians, it is more important to know your Constitutional Rights better than ever before. Leonard Levy’s book give great insight to what out United States Constitution written by our glorious Founding Fathers has guaranteed and safe guarded to all of us. The book gives insight on all the amendments and what they mean, where they bill of rights came from, skepticisms of people involved with this Bill of Rights, Leonard’s own opinion on the Bill of Rights. Despite the fact that Leonard put together of very informative, insightful book it is also very dull and takes much drudging to go through for the lack of creativity or emotionally charged wording. Nevertheless, Origins of the Bill of Rights is one to have in a collection of political texts. The topic intrigued me because of my interest in politics and my strong virtuous belief in freedom& liberty. I decided this book was a great choice because it pertains to the greatest document ever conceived that was the pinnacle of freedom & liberty. Another belief in mine that affected my choice was a saying by a Greek Statesmen name Pericles, who said “Just because you don't take an interest in politics, it doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you.” Who knows what people high up in the food chain might be concocting to suppress our rights like they did before? With that said it’s important to know your rights better than ever before in my opinion which only strengthened my need to read this

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