Origins of Black Slavery in the English Colonies

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Seymore, Khamaya Jackson, Denico Professor Jeremy Petrella US History I – 2111 September 15, 2012 The Origins of Black Slavery in the English Colonies The beginning of slavery in the English colonies was first established in the North American colony of Jamestown, Virginia in 1619. In 1607, an English group departed themselves from the British Monarchy. By doing so, they sail west until they found America. This lead to the establishment of Jamestown, Virginia, the first English colony in the America. Soon after, other groups of Europeans started coming to America and that created the other twelve colonies. These Europeans ran into some if the same problems as the Spaniards did. These problems lead them to the establishment of black slavery in the colonies. Three main reasons the Europeans resulted to slavery in the American colonies was, insufficient labor supply struggle with diseases, and indentured servants becoming too costly. Tobacco was the number one the cash crop of in Virginia. Once it was clear the tobacco was highly profitable in Jamestown, it was also clear that labor supply was insufficient. They were killing off their potential labor force with their diseases, such as small pox. The Indians’ immune systems were not able to fight off the diseases brought by the Europeans. This became a big problem. Without a big enough labor supply, the manufacture of tobacco wouldn’t be successful. As a solution, the Europeans began importing indentured servants. Indentured servants were majority poor whites who were forced into labor for a set number of years to pay off debts for coming to America. They would also be given land. Once their set number years were done, the indentured servant was free to live in Jamestown as a regular citizen. By the seventeenth century, the indentured servant population was causing serious social problems, and the colonists
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