Origins and Major Emphases of Fields of Communication Essay

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COM2602 INTEGRATED ORGANISATIONAL COMMUNICATION SEMESTER 2 ASSIGNMENT 01 Declaration I the undersigned, hereby declare that this is my own and personal work. I have read and understood Tutorial Letter CMNALLE/301 regarding technical and presentation requirements, referencing techniques and plagiarism. R Murandu 51622181 19/08/2013 GS Mutsadyanga i TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE 1 QUESTION 1 1 1.1 The origins and major emphases of fields of communication 1 1.1.1 Introduction 1 1.1.2 The Origins and Major Emphases Of Public Relations 1 1.1.3 The Origins and Major Emphases of Marketing Communication 2 1.1.4 The Origins and Major Emphases of Organisational Communication 1.2 The strategic role of communication 1.2.1 Introduction 1.2.2 Strategy Communication 1.2.3 Communication Strategy 1.2.4 Communication of strategy 2. QUESTION 2: 2.1 Discuss the historical development of communication integration, noting the evolution from prior to the industrial revolution into what communication integration is today 2.1.1 Introduction 2.1.2 Prior to Industrial Revolution 2.1.3 During the Industrial Revolution Period 2.1.4 During the 1920s 2.1.5 Post World War II 2.1.6 During the 1950s 2.1.7 During the 1970s 2.1.8 During the 1980s 2.1.9 During the 1990s ii 2.1.10 The Current State of Communication Integration 2.1.11 Conclusion 2.2 The process and interventions that occur at a number of locations in the organisation directly determine its communication, and ultimately they determine the perceptions stakeholders have of the organisation’s brand. Name and discuss in detail the five junctures of intervention. 2.2.1 Introduction 2.2.2 Translating the Organisation’s Mission into Strategy 2.2.3 Implementing Strategy 2.2.4 Planning and Executing External Communication 2.2.5

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