Origin Energy Company Report

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Introduction Origin Energy Limited (Origin) is an integrated energy company that focuses on the energy industry in Australia and New Zealand (InvestSMART n.d.). In the energy supply chain, Origin’s operations are diversified into various value-adding activities which include operations such as exploration, gas and oil production, generating power, and retailing of energy and gas (InvestSMART n.d.). Origin operates in five sectors of the energy market including energy retailing in Australia, associated products and services, generating energy in Australia, operating liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in Australia, the Pacific, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam and exploring and producing oil and gas in Australia and New Zealand (Reuters n.d.). As an Australian publicly listed company, Origin is exposed to various political, regulatory, economic, socio-cultural and technological (PEST) environment factors which may affect the way it operates. The Carbon tax, Queensland’s regulations such as the ‘exit fee’ and the power price regulation, the renewable energy target, the carbon price and carbon sink are a few factors relating to the political and regulation environment. The supply and demand of services and products, the strength of the Australian dollar, the interest rates and the overall state of the Australian economy are a few factors relating to the economic environment. The few factors relating to the socio-cultural environment are globalisation, a higher education level, the low income population and China’s preference towards a cleaner environment. The Tendril technology and the green technology are a few factors relating to the technological environment. Based on the numerous factors that are discussed in relation to the PEST environment, there are many threats that will affect Origin’s profitability and business operations negatively but also there are many

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