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2/25 Orientation by Daniel Orozco: Response This short story written by Orozco is really fresh, unique and funny in the way he exploit the politics, bureaucracy, and mundane nature of the office environment. Orozco writes a short story about going through a very detailed orientation on the first day at a new office setting job. What is intresting about this work is that the author never introduces the narrator or the audience. It’s not really clear who is the narrator in this story, but what is clear is that Orozco choses to tell the story through the eyes of the reader. The story is told in the first person voice but the speaker is talking to one particular person, the new employee. He refers to him in the second person voice:“This is your cubicule…This is your phone.” This whole point of view takes the audience for a ride and makes us also a character. If it was written differently and not told the way it has, the story would have lost its humor and quirkiness. The description is essentially the most important part of the story. The lives of these employees and their interactions become the most important part of Orozco’s work and the main character that is being spoken is part an unimportant observer in an intricate atmosphere. He uses both a professional tone and a dark, uncomfortable-feeling description to create a highly contrasting reality between the work setting and each character’s personal life. However, the characters are merely present and described as they are. This description does not affect any of them, so there is no real action to be deemed unusual, unstable. A contrast is added in the story between the professional and the uncomfortable, mysterious feelings describing some personal aspects of the employee’s life. By using this stereotypical and conventional setting, Orozco makes the things that happen to individual employees even more

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