Orgon In “Tartuffe”

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Orgon in “Tartuffe” By Moliere Jean Baptiste Poquelin "Tartuffe", by Moliere, is a play that was made to show the audience how a pious man can be so blinded while in peruse of religious’ contentment. Orgon is one of the key characters in Moliere “Tartuffe”. He is over taken by the religious ways of a poor man by the name of Tartuffe. Tartuffe is pious man with his own deceitful plans to take over the house and turn Orgon against his family. You might ask yourself how can a man be so pious but yet have untrustworthy ways and evil qualities? Tartuffe is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, he’s really not what he portrays himself to be, but Orgon is really fooled by his great performance. When the play begins Madame Pernelle is portrayed as a very senile old lady, she is unswerving. When the play begins the family members are discussing the hypocrite Tartuffe, they see right threw his lies, but get ridiculed by Madame Pernelle when she hears them talking about him. She shows how much she is fooled by him too in this phrase: "Whatever he’s blame for deserves criticism. He's a good man, out to save all of you. You have to love him, Orgon would want you to, and have you to." She too is overcome by Tartuffe’s deceitful ways. Orgon on the other hand is very taken by Tartuffe as well. Orgon shows weakness throughout the whole story. He also cares more about Tartuffe’s health then of his own flesh and blood. When he comes back from Paris he asks Cleante if everything went well in the household while he was gone, Cleante shares with him the bad news that his wife has been feeling very ill, Orgon's abnormal reply was, “Ah and Tartuffe?” When he is told that Tartuffe was general living in good health and pretty much has everything he wants, Orgon replies with another unusual response, "Poor fellow!" So from the start of the play you could tell that there is something really
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