Organized Sports for Youth Essay

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Taylor Holsomback 11/22/10 English 1301 Commentary Essay Organized Sports for Youth is a Good Thing: The participation of youth sports has increased in the past twenty years. Many children are involved in one or more sports throughout the year and it is not uncommon to see kids take part in organized sports at the age of four or five. Based on the amount of time children spend participating in sports, it is crucial that they are provided with an experience that has many benefits. Kids in sports gain attention and earn respect by “exerting their natural abilities such as speed, coordination, strength, vision, creativity, and responsiveness, the attributes of youth (Metzl 1)” according to Jordan D. Metzl, M.D., co-founder and medical director of The Sports Medicine Institute for Young Athletes. The responsibility to benefit children in sports falls on the shoulders of the coach and parents who volunteer their time to work with the young athletes. Pre-teens in sports can result in responsible adults in the future. It mostly depends on the parents of the child. If a parent becomes too strict about the sport and starts to force a child to participate, the relationship between the parent and child can be destroyed. Being athletic as a kid is healthy but over exercising or practicing for extensive periods of time can put stress on their muscles and affect their bodies in the long run. For example, a person who has been playing football since the age of four might need to have knee replacements in their middle-aged years. A child should be having fun while participating in organizations. As long as a child chooses to participate in sports and is not forced or pushed too hard then organized sports can have many advantages. Not only does a child learn discipline and ways to become a team player, but they benefit for their future. Metzl also explains,” kids who

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