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History of Organized Labor For my project I interviewed my uncle Craig Goode. He has been a union laborer, union carpenter, and as well, a non-union carpenter. He started out as a non-union carpenter at the age of 18 right after he graduated high school. After six years of that he decided to get into the union. He was a laborer for only a year until he decided to join the carpenters local. For this project I asked him many questions regarding his feelings and work experience with the non-union and the union trades. I first asked him where all he had worked. I quickly found out that he had worked all over Indiana and with many different contractors. He said that he likes this kind of work because you are never at the same place…show more content…
He replied, “Dramatically”. He said the jobsites were ran a lot better and seemed way more professional. Not only were they cleaner, but the whole construction process seemed smooth. He stated that when working non-union, there were always dangers. After going onto a union jobsite, every trade seemed more safe and had more awareness. He said he thought this was because everyone on the job was more professional and for the most part, did better work. He said that with the union his conditions were better, everything from good water being provided to cleaner portolets. After not ever being given a break, he said that the breaks were great. He also would work a lot of hours and had his pay jacked around all the time. He said that sometimes he would work over forty hours in a week and not even get any overtime pay. He said now being union, he got paid for every hour he worked and had overtime pay anytime he worked over eight hours in a day. He said that overall the union business was, “Ten times better than working non-union.” I learned a lot about my uncle during this interview. I would also say that I now had a clear understanding on his outlook towards the unions and non-union shops. My final question that I had for my uncle was if he would ever go back to working non-union if he had the chance. He laughed as he said, “Not in a million

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