Organized Crime: Turn Of The Century

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task was originally submitted during the [January 30, 2015] in [Special Topics in Criminal Justice CJUS675] with [Professor Gibert]." Phase 4 Discussion Board CJUS675 Instructor: Professor Ackerman Raquel Rankin July 29, 2015 Abstract: Crime has affected America since the turn of the century rather it been in small groups or one person. But there are all types of crime going on. the internet is also being used to commit crimes today. Cybercrimes are very common today, but organized crime has been around since the turn of the century. Terrorism has also been around a long time but we always hear of attacks in other countries but it is mostly kept closed mouthed when it is something which is right here in our own back door. You here…show more content…
There was so many immigrants descending on the city but many had problems finding jobs so they instead turned to crime.Newyork was also the center of commerce which is always a beacon for criminal types.At the turn of the century the city was largely over populated there was a million people to each 2 square mile. There was not enough jobs or housing for all these people.gambling dens and saloons started springin g up everywhere and the crime followed. The police were even to afraid to respond to calls in some areas without having a sufficient number of officers along. There was always a leader to these organized crime gangs. One such leader was called the American Napolean of crime. His real name was Arnold Rothstein but he had earned himself a nickname called the brain or money bags. He was very good at organizing mass crimes and was considered to be a good leader . he was called money bags sometimes though because he was considered to be a loanshark and didn’t mind loaning money out even to support other criminals, but he charged a heavy return. When he recruited for his gang he didn’t choose people because of their ethnic background. He chose people for their skills and what they could bring to the…show more content…
By the mid-1800s, saloons, dance halls, gambling dens, and houses of prostitution were common. The Hole in the Wall Saloon was a prime example. Crime was so bad in the Fourth Ward that police were afraid to respond with less than six or more officers (Asbury, 1927). I. Arnold Rothstein, the American Napoleon of Crime J. Starting out as a successful gambler, Arnold Rothstein earned the nickname The Brain for his keen organizational skills, criminal versatility, and clever leadership. His was also called Moneybags for his loan sharking activity and willingness to bankroll other mobster’s schemes (Pietrusza, 2003). Unlike most members of organized crime, Rothstein was an equal opportunity gangster and recruited based on talent instead of along strictly ethnic or religious lines. He has been called the founder of the Jewish Mafia; however, many Italian-American mobsters got their start under him. K. By 1914, Rothstein had become one of the kings of gambling in New York. He was also highly skilled as a smuggler and trafficked in diamonds; heroin; cocaine; and later, liquor. He gained control of the garment industry first by using thugs to break strikes and then later by gaining control of labor

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