Organized Crime In The 1920's

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Throughout American history from the early 20th century onward, organized crime has always been relevant and continues to grow as an empire in modern day society. Some of the most popular organized crime groups in America are the Italian Mafia or El Cosa Nostra, the Irish and Jewish mobs, and the South American and Mexican drug cartels which evolved later in the 20th century. Organized crime began with the massive European immigration to the East coast of the United States particularly in New York City. There were more people than jobs so young men had to turn to crime. After, organized crime grew quickly in the 1920’s during prohibition through the smuggling of liquor and separate crime organizations worked together in order to have more control over the law. Next, the separate groups became more structured due to figures like Salvatore Maranzano in the 1930’s. From then on the drug business has been very popular which caused the rise of drug…show more content…
The answer to this is bribery. Since the 1920’s when Prohibition was in place and even in the years before, figures in organized crime have used their money to their advantage. Mafia families and gangsters from different mobs would keep people from the newspaper on payroll to keep news stories they did not want getting out from getting out. Also, it was not out of the ordinary to see mayors or local police captains look the other way when it came to speakeasies during Prohibition, gambling operations or even drug sales later on in the century. As long as money was constantly being put in their pocket, there was no need to bring the law into the mix. “1954: Harry Gross, a Brooklyn bookmaker, testifies that he paid $1 million a year for police protection for his $20-million-a-year gambling operation.”[6] This just shows how extreme some of the payoffs got throughout the 20th

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