Organized Crime Group Analysis

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Organized Crime Group Analysis Since the 1800s, the popular and largest criminal organization known as the “Italian Mafia” has taken a big part in operations consisting in social and economics of Italy and made a significant impact internationally. The Italian Mafia is the most popular, violent, secretive, widespread organizations of all criminal history. The New World Encyclopedia describes the Mafia or also called La Cosa Nostra as “a secret organized crime society that first developed in mid-nineteenth century Sicily, spread to the East Coast (New York) of the United States following waves of Sicilian and southern Italian emigration during the late nineteenth century, and grew in the twentieth century to be the strongest organized crime society in the country” (New World Encyclopedia, pg. 1, 2008). According to an FBI overview The Italian Mafia started as: underground secret society formed initially as resistance fighters against the invaders and to exact frontier vigilante justice against oppression. A member was known as a “Man Of Honor”, respected and admired because he protected his family and friends and kept silent even unto death. La Cosa Nostra is the foremost organized criminal thread to America society. Literally translate into English it means “things of ours.” (FBI, pg.1, 2012). The Organization has evolved and survived a number of invasions and exploitations by conquering armies in Italy. Over-time the Italian Mafia has become more clandestine in their operations, and they always rely on the family ties for safety, justice, survival, and protection. The Mafia operations extend to street level extortion forcing business to make regular payments to avoid violence to corporate level monopoly. The use of thread, violence, corruption of law enforcement, and corruption of the political system are main concerns with this organization. Understanding the

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