Organizational Trends Executive Summary

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Our team had a discussion about different organizational trends. There are several important things to consider when it comes to organizational trends, but our discussion led to just a few main topics. We discussed the characteristics of high-performance work places and how they are different from the traditional organizations in terms of operational effectiveness, workplace stress, and organizational dynamics. Our team also discussed different stress management techniques our organizations use to help manage the stress of employees. In the discussion there were several opinions on the differences between a high-performance organization and a traditional organization. We discussed that the traditional organization is usually easier to work in with its smaller settings and lower diversity. These factors can makes it easier to adapt to changes that are made within the organization. A disadvantage to the traditional organization would be that it has a harder time competing with the larger high-performance organizations that have more staffing, which enables them to be more productive. One thing about a high-performance organization that may have a negative effect would be the mass quantity of production or a faster pace work environment. Sometime an individual may not receive the same quality of work that would be found from a traditional organizational setting. Traditional organizational settings tend to have more structured and organized atmospheres, were as a high-performance organization focuses more on a group atmosphere. In the discussion we concluded that combining the characteristics of both traditional and high-performance organizations could improve productivity for an organization. Team A discussed how organizations try to keep up with emerging trends and fads that have produced good results. Some of the ideas discussed were the use of teams and cross
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