Organizational Systems Task 1 Essay

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There are certain nursing sensitive indicators that should be taken into consideration in the care of every patient. In the scenario listed there were several nursing sensitive indicators that were not taken into consideration. One indicator is the use of restraints and whether they were really necessary in this case. The nurse needs to do a thorough assessment to determine if a physical restraint is actually necessary. It would only be necessary if the patient is at risk for harming himself without it. The patient does have mild dementia and is on pain medication, which in itself is not enough reason to use the restraints. It was noted that the patient was able to answer simple questions appropriately. Additionally, the risk of using the restraints needs to outweigh the risks of not using them. The restraints keep him from moving which could increase the chance of him developing a DVT. If it was determined that a restraint would be the best thing, then a doctor’s order would be necessary and the daughter should have been notified. The reason that the restraints were being used was not specified in the scenario, but mild dementia is not a reason to use them. If the nurse had knowledge of the nursing sensitive indicator of restraints, it would make the nurse more aware of the possible complications of using them and she would assess for these possible complications, including a DVT and possible skin issues. The patient is also noted to have a red mark on his back when he is moved which the CNA should have the nurse assess rather than just telling his daughter it is no big deal. The fact that the daughter noticed it and pointed it out and it still was not addressed is a failure to rescue this patient from further harm. The nurse should have assessed the area immediately and took steps to prevent further harm from occurring to this patient.

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