Organizational System Essay

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Organization Organizational structure is defined as the formal system of task and job-reporting relationships that determined how employees use resources to achieve organizational goals. Organizational design however, is the process of making specific organizing choices about task and job relationships that result in the construction of a particular organizational structure. In the movie Brave Heart, we will study the organizational structure and organizational culture in the society, its human resource policies and practices, and change in stress influence the dependent variable. Each of these elements is interdependence between each other. Organizational Structure Scotland in the 13th century practice Feudalism in the society. Feudalism is a state of human society which was formally structured and stratified on the basis of land tenure. All nobles, knights and other tenants, termed vassals, merely "held" land from the king, who was thus at the top of the "feudal pyramid". A simple description of the society structure can be explained with the diagram below. Thus, it is clear that the organizaton structure is centralised and functional departmentalised. The organization is said to be centralised because the king is the head of the country and the king has absolute power to decide everything in the country. Nobles and people at lower level of hierachy are less influencial thus simply carry out the king’s order. The said king in the movie Brave Heart is the King Edward I. Organizational culture Outcome orientation culture An outcome orientation culture measure the degree of management focusses on results or outcomes rather than on the techniques and processes used to achieve them. The society in the Brave Heart shows strong outcome orientation culture. For example, King Edward I, who is the king of English, when trying to encourage more of his
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