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Topic 9: Organisational Choices – Processes and People (2) In this seminar we will continue to explore the notion of strategy-structure fit in the context of knowledge management. Developing the capability to create, leverage and apply knowledge worldwide has become a critical task in most multinationals, but it is not a simple task. We will focus on one of the most important challenges facing managers in modern MNCs – how to develop and diffuse knowledge in a way that supports effective worldwide innovation and learning. McKinsey & Co case explores the challenges of developing knowledge as a strategic asset and supporting this development with appropriate organisational processes. Readings Santos, J., Doz, Y., & Williamson, P. 2004. Is your innovation process global? Sloan MIT Management Review, Summer: 31-37. Case study: McKinsey & Company Bartlett, C. A. (1996) McKinsey & Company: Managing knowledge and learning. In: Text, Cases and Readings in Cross-Border Management. Third edition. C. A. Bartlett and S. Ghoshal (eds), Boston, Irwin McGraw-Hill: pp. 664-680. Case study questions 1. How was this obscure firm of ‘accounting and engineering advisors’ able to grow into the world’s most prestigious consulting firm fifty years later? What was the unique source of competitive advantage developed by James O. McKinsey and later Marvin Bower? 2. How effective was Ron Daniel in leading McKinsey to respond to challenges identified in the Commission on Firm Aims and Goals? What contribution did Fred Gluck make to the requested changes? 3. What is your evaluation of Rajat Gupta’s ‘four-pronged’ approach to knowledge development and application within McKinsey? As a senior partner, what specific advice would you give him?

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