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Assignment for Week 2 (5-5-10) Harvey Scribner Organizational Analysis – US Army / School District of Philadelphia US ARMY ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS The US Army is organized from the President of the United States (Commander-In-Chief) down to the individual soldier into a hierarchy that allows for the control of specific units within various fields of control. The world is divided to sections that are maintained by regional commands. Each command is organized into smaller Field Army units, then into Corps, Divisions, Brigades, Battalions, Companies, Platoons, and Squads. Each level is controlled by a specific level officer from Staff Sergeant at the bottom to four-star General at the top. Additional support units are also attached depending on mission, terrain, and environment. Commanders are given rules based on the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Field Manuals, and Technical Manuals. Further instructions are contained in Standard Operating Procedures and Rules of Engagement for each operational area. Each specific unit has it’s own chain of command. All issues are to be dealt with at the lowest level possible to maintain order. Problems that cannot be resolved within a specific command chain can be referred to the Chaplain, Medical Officer, or the Adjutant General Chain of Command. School District of Philadelphia The School District of Philadelphia is controlled by the main offices of 440 North Broad Street. These offices provide oversight and control of all administrative and school functions within the school district. The main offices are provided oversight and control by the School Reform Committee. This committee was established in the 2003 when the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania took over the school district because of gross mis-management and financial problems. Under the district main office are School

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