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Organizational Structure Paper Lora Naratil NUR/492 February 23, 2015 Christine Markut Organizational Structure Paper Health care organizations and facilities today are starting to be run more like a business than they were over the past years in order to stay open and give to clients and citizens the care that they need as individuals. To do this, most if not all facilities have some type of structure for management in place to rune the facility at it’s greatest potential. As a leader, or any type employee, you should always be aware of the structure of the management in the facility you are working. Things you need to know are who are the leaders of the facility? Is there a chain of command? What is that chain of command? What communication and decision-making methods take place in the facility? What type of characteristics influence the type of care delivered to clients and citizens? The organizational structure that will be presented for this document is Sacred Heart Hospital (SHH). This is a small inner city hospital with approximately 250 beds available for patients or clients. Over the years the facility has undergone drastic change in the type of care given to patients in the local community, based on size, close location to other larger hospital organizations, and the cut backs from monies received from insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid. Identify the type of structure found in the health care facility. Sacred Heart Hospital has a functional structure in place for the organizational decision making process. In functional structures, employees are grouped in departments by specialty, with similar tasks being performed by the same group, similar groups operating out of the same department, and similar departments reporting to the same manager (Sullivan, 2013). The facility has the Chief Executive Officer, underneath him is the

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