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------------------------------------------------- Organizational Structure Amazon is a very large organization that has a divisional structure because it is the most flexible structure. Amazon needs to have a flexible structure because of the many products and services it deals with. This structure has different departments for different products and services that allow the many department heads to primarily focus their resources on their department in the organization. The organization starts off with the CEO, which is also the founder of the company, and an eight-member board of directors. The CEO oversees the CFO (chief Financial Officer), the CTO (Chief Technology Officer), and eight departments. The eight departments consists of Business Development, eCommerce Platform, International Retail, Kindle, Digital Media, North America Retail, Legal & Secretary, and Web Services. The CFO is in charge of the Real Estate and Control department. Some of the different departments have sub departments in them which they run. The International Retail department runs three separate departments for the different companies they operate in., China, Europe, and India. North American Retail has five departments; Seller Services, Operations, Toys, Sports & Home Improvement, Amazon Publishing and Music & Video. Web Services has Amazon S3 and Database Services. Then there are a few additional departments. Amazon has a divisional structure, which was stated. This structure has departments, or divisions, for different products and services that the organization provides. An advantage would be the accountability is clear. A disadvantage is that having production, finance, and marketing departments for each division might run up costs and efforts. Another problem might be that one division might start trying to compete with another for the resources and market

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