Organizational Structure Essay

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|Organizational Structure | Organizational Structure refers to the way that an organization arranges people and jobs so that its work performed and its goals can be met (Howard Distelzweig and Scott B. Droege, pg 629). The structure of any companies organization will determine if it will grow towards success or failure. The decisions on management for each organizational function play a huge role in determining the structure. Each structure is a reflections of the owner of the business and his or her goals. Businesses owners have a goal in mind whetablishing the business, small or large. The goals of the owner should appear through each department reflecting a mirror image of the owner. The main focus is to provide a quality business and awareness to a companies organizational structure so that each department such as marketing, finance, human resources and etc., will understand the authority for each department. Each department at one point will cross each other and have to establish a relationship to develop plans for positive outcome for the business. Organizational Structure is set in place to meet the needs and goals of a company. The set up of these Organizational Structures can determine if the goals and achievements will be accomplished and whether or not it is actually benefiting a businesses. In order for any company to succeed, it has to have appropriate structure. The best organizational structure for any organization depends on many factors including the work it does; its size in terms of employees, revenue, and the geographic dispersion of its facilities; and the rand of its business {the degree to winch it is diversified across marches}(Howard Distelzweig and Scott B. Droge, pg 629) Organizations are to be divided

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