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Organizational Structure Essay

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The business of Realty World corporate sells franchises to realtors. Realty World sells their name and customer support to new franchise owners and their employees. Within the corporate offices of the company they are a functional organization. It starts with the owner which is also the CEO. Then there’s the COO, the CFO, and the head marketing manager. The COO has two assistants that work for him and help with the customer support and all of the technology issues. Then the CFO has two accountants to do the accounts payables, accounts receivable and other daily accounting functions. While the head marketing manager has one partner/assistant. They have all departments at the same place. They keep it simple and have a minimum amount of employees needed. They also cross train the employees to be able to the basics in all the departments in case someone calls in or needs time off for any reason. That way there is always someone who can cover that department and keep the business running smoothly without any problems or delays. That is why this company is a functional structure.
Organizational structure was seen as setting the variable of interest such as worker satisfaction and communication patterns (Scott, 2011).When compared to a divisional structure there are a couple similarities and a few differences. The similarities are that there is one head person in charge of the whole company like the CEO or the owner. Another thing that is similar is that they both have separate departments that work together to make both structures and each company work.   The differences are that they are many managers in all the divisions and multiple staff members who work for each of the different mangers. When compared to a network organizational structure there are some similarities and differences here as well. The similarity is that they have one person leading the whole company like a CEO or a head executive in charge. The difference is that they have many different divisions...

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