Organizational Structure Essay

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Organizational Structure Adam S. Wilcox MGT/230 07/30/2012 Julie Morgan Organizational Structure The organizational structure of a company plays an integral part in the overall success of the company. Properly structuring, organizing, and being flexible to change is the key to maintaining a profitable organization. PNC Bank is a company that has truly bought into the need of maintaining a properly organized company. PNC’s adaptation to the changing economy of banking is one of the main reasons the company remains profitable in this downturn of the economy. PNC Bank Organizational Structure The organization chart for PNC Bank shows the vertical dimensions of the organization. It starts at the top with the CEO who works with the board of directors in organizing and directing the course of the company. The CEO also works closely with the executive management team comprised of the chief operating officer, chief financial officer, and executive president. As a group this management team is responsible to reporting to the board of directors and financial shareholders of the company. Together they control what is a centralized organization as they make decisions and pass hem down to lower levels of management for implementation. PNC Bank also uses a great deal of differentiation and integration. With over 60,000 employees and covering 14 states properly differentiating and integrating all of the moving parts of the corporation can be difficult. Differentiating means that the organization is composed of many different units that work on different kinds of tasks, using different skills and work methods. Integration means that these differentiated units are put back together so that work is coordinated into an overall product (Bateman & Snell, 2011). PNC Bank has many differentiated units. The main units are

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